Digital Images and Photoshop Elements

Links to a selection of sites where you can locate
digital images for your web pages or foe general editing

Digital Images A collection of digital images. You have permission to use any of these images in your projects.
Faculty of Education A selection of images of the Faculty of Education, UWO
Faculty Of Education DW Tutorial Some sample images that can be used in my Dreamweaver tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Short tutorials covering some practical features of Adobe Phototshop Elements

Create Thumbnails A tutorial showing how to create Thumbnail images
Create a Picture Package A tutorial showing how to create a Photo package
Create a Contact Sheet A tutorial showing how to create a contact sheet so you can readily view your images
Create a slide show A tutorial showing how to create a slide show of your images
Create a vignette and other effects A PDF tutorial showing how to add effects to a photograh
Levels and Autolevels This tutorial provides images for you to enhance using the Autolevels and Levels adjustment features