Web Site Design

Sample Web Sites

Sample Web Sites Several samples of personal and school web pages and web sites. These pages show a transition from a simple web page to a more complex web site.

Web Site Resources

Web Site Criteria A list of features to consider when designing your web site
Web Site Hints and Tips Hints and tips to help when creating web sites
Animated Gifs Background Images Samples of animated gifs and background images and recommended sites for downloading these images.
Web Page Fonts Suggestions for selecting a font type for your web page Font Selection Information on font selection for web pages and hard copy (print)
Using Tables Instructions on how to us a table to format text
Tables and Images Instructions on how to use tables to format images

Digital Images

DIgital Images A selection of images from around the world. Feel free to use any of these images in your projects. The images have been re-sized for easy loading over the Internet. If you want a copy of the original image, please contact me.
Dreamweaver tutorial images Three large images with accompanying thumbnail images which can be downloaded and used for the Photo Gallery web page project in the Dreamweaver tutorial available from D. Floyd.

How to Zip Files

Zipping Files These links will guide you through locaing, downloading and installing a program called "Filzip". The tutorial will show you how to use Filzip to zip your files.