The quote below is taken from Physical Education in the Primary School by Bilbrough and Jones - 1963 and describes the Physical Education teacher.

Just substitute "teaching" for "Physical Education" and you have a description of the teacher from 45 years ago. Is this still a relevant description?


The Teacher

Although Physical Education is based on the importance of the child as an individual, we must also recognize that teachers are individuals and that the method used by each teacher is entirely a personal matter depending upon his own personality, his ability and his belief in the principles associated with modern Physical Education. How far he is willing to adopt modem methods will vary with each individual teacher.

No one person can evolve a perfect system of teaching Physical Education, except possibly for himself, but there are certain basic principles which are fundamental to success and which all teachers should understand and apply. Some teachers have accepted everything that is new because it is new, while others have rejected everything new for the same reason. Wise teachers will examine new ideas, try them out, and sift the good from the bad.

Mr. E. Major, former Staff Inspector of Physical Education, once said: 'I am sure that the future development of Physical Education lies in the ability of the teacher to experiment courageously, to clarify his principles, to keep a balanced view of what he hopes to achieve, and to select the materials and method of presentation in a way that will best meet these ends.'

Fom: Physical Education in the Primary School by Bilbrough and Jones - 1963


(Note how things do change - we would now have a lot of "he/she" in the text).